BSc (Hons), Dip ION, mBANT

Weight management

The links between excess weight and poor health are extensive and include high cholesterol, cardio-vascular disease, Type 2 diabetes, hormonal imbalances, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease and inflammatory conditions. Excess abdominal fat is particularly problematic, as visceral fat acts as an organ of the body, generating hormones and inflammation that interferes with energy production and metabolism. People who are mainly fat around the middle often have great difficulty in losing weight and keeping it off because of this hormonal imbalance.

Metabolic balance® is a science-based weight management programme that provides a tailored food plan for the individual, based on detailed bio-chemical analysis of a number of blood markers. The personalised plan provides for three meals a day using whole natural foods with a high nutrient content, and follows four phases, including an initial 2 day preparation stage and a 14 day “strict” stage. The body gradually becomes accustomed to a healthier way of eating, resulting in improvements to metabolism, blood sugar management and hormone balance.  Fat loss occurs gradually but steadily, and participants report feeling energised but not hungry. Support from the metabolic balance® coach is provided throughout the programme.

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